Tresle For Investors

Tresle is a new way for accredited Investors to invest in established businesses online.

Tresle Investor accounts are designed solely for accredited investors. It is completely free of charge to apply for an Investor account. We have a ‘when you succeed, we succeed’ model. Meaning, we believe there is no reason why you should pay ridiculous upfront costs prior to making an investment. Our model is simple- if and when an investment provides you with a return, Tresle is paid a small fee. Investors may choose to invest solo or collectively across a wide range of finance-seeking deals. Upon gaining acceptance into the platform, an Investor can create a customizable profile to display their specific interests and areas of expertise, save time in the deal sourcing process, and have their investment(s) monitored, filed, and distributed for up to 10 years by an industry-leading fund management service.

How it Works