Tresle For Sellers

Tresle is an easier, more efficient, and more cost-effective way for Sellers to both market and complete the sale of an established business. Many business sellers face a few common challenges: Where do I start when attempting to sell? How do I efficiently market and close the sale? Where do I find verified buyers? Etc.

Upon signing-up with Tresle, a Seller creates a customizable profile complete with a basic description of the business, photos, and a listing price. Your listing will help Buyers get a sense of what the business is about. But as we know, not all Buyers are created equally.

Tresle allows Sellers to only pursue serious Buyers in order to find the right match of financial ability, education, skills, and overall fit. Tresle is unique in that its ‘Match’ process adds value, efficiency, and transparency to the transaction.

Unlike typical business selling methods, Tresle removes the “tire kicker” issue as you, the Seller, gets to view the verified Buyer’s profile prior to proceeding any further. If it seems like a suitable fit, you can select “Accept Match” and begin a conversation. Sellers can also send out a Non-Disclosure agreements to their matched Buyer through Tresle’s digital document service and proceed to carry on a safe, secure negotiation process.

At some point during the Buyer’s due diligence process, the Buyer has the option to make an offer and send out a digital Letter of Intent to outline the proposed structure of the transaction. This document can be signed and submitted digitally. Assuming both parties agree, the transaction can then proceed to escrow and closing.

From getting the business ready for sale and choosing a price, to understanding the Sellers responsibilities under local laws, Tresle offers users a wide range of tools in our resource center.

Simple, painless, and very cost effective.

How it Works