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Buying and Selling Amazon FBA Businesses

Buying, Selling

In this episode of Tresle Talks, we will be covering buying and selling Amazon businesses, more specifically FBA businesses. Tresle’s CEO, Joel Keylor, talks to Ken Kubec, VP of Acquisitions at Thrasio: the largest acquirer of Amazon businesses in the world. Thrasio buys and operates third-party sellers within the Amazon FBA ecosystem. To date, Thrasio has bought over 100 FBA businesses and is the fastest profitable to ever reach a $1B valuation. 

In this webinar, Ken will help us understand the opportunities that exist within the Amazon ecosystem, what buyers look for in order to exit successfully and what are the next steps in e-commerce. Ken will also answer questions submitted by our social media audience about how much an Amazon business is worth and what is a typical payment process, what possible sellers should consider when selling their business, and much more.

Watch the full video below: