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Simplify the sale of your business
Selling a business can be a complicated process. Tresle provides business owners a simple and cost-effective marketplace to list their business for sale.
Save precious time and money
Get the best price for your business
Meet thousands of serious buyers
Negotiate while feeling safe & secure
Sell your business in 4 easy steps
List your business for sale
Sign up and enter company information by answering a series of questions and uploading photos. Include all relevant details you would like to share and your listing will be published to Tresle’s vast network of verified buyers across the country.
Meet prospective buyers
Tresle's system allows you to screen each interested buyer prior to engaging with them further. Prospective buyers must send you a request, and you have the choice to either accept or ignore the request — meaning you remain in control of whom you communicate with.
Streamline your communication
Our messaging system allows you to engage in secure and live conversations with buyers you've approved. Digital document templates (ex: non-disclosure agreements) are available to be customized, edited, shared, saved, and signed within your Tresle account — so that you can manage your sale completely online.
Close the deal
Once you’ve negotiated the terms of the deal and accepted an offer, we can introduce a third-party escrow agent to coordinate the purchase funds and ensure they are safely transferred and distributed so you can focus on what comes next.
Stop worrying and start your sale — we’ve got your back!
As much support as you need
Many business owners don't know where to start when selling their business. Tresle offers them a marketplace to list their business for sale while providing tools and support throughout the whole process. And our help center provides guides and resources — whatever you need, we've got your back.
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You're in control
Tresle's marketplace makes it simple for you to list your business for sale on your terms. You're in control from the moment you decide to sell: from whom you connect with and what information you share, to deal terms and transaction negotiations. For more tips on selling successfully check out our How to Sell Your Business eBook.
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Exposure to the right audience
Thousands of buyers access Tresle's platform each month and we provide them with the information they need to find the best fit. By listing on Tresle, your business will be presented to a large network of motivated buyers, expediting the selling process and increasing the likelihood of finding the right buyer for you and your business.
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Save time and money
We want to see you successfully sell your business. That is why we created an easy-to-use marketplace with affordable and risk-free subscription plans. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and flexible options with plans that cost less over time. We want you to feel safe you are finding the best buyer for your business while saving time and money.
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You’re in control of the sale of your business
Explore all your selling options in one place, and pick the one that works best for you.
Sell on Tresle Marketplace

Selling on Tresle Marketplace you hold the reins of your sales process: you decide when to sell, who to connect and the terms of the deal.

  • Freedom to sell your business by yourself
  • Flexible pricing
  • Support from the Tresle Team whenever you need
Sell with Tresle Plus

Need help to sell your mid sized business? Tresle Plus offers custom solutions to businesses with revenues above $2M.

  • Short, 6-month engagement
  • Transparent pricing structure
  • Award winning advisors every step of the way
Who is it for:
Businesses of
all sizes
Who is it for:
Businesses with
above $2M
Starting at
$29.98 /mo
Average sale time:
10 to 18
Average sale time:
6 months
Selling method:
  • Tresle Marketplace
Selling method:
  • Tresle Marketplace
  • Partner Broker
  • Buyer Database
You manage
the sales process
help tailored
to your needs
Personal & business
details remain confidential
Personal & business
details remain confidential
*Average based on internal data and account activity.

**Fees vary per client. Geographic restrictions may apply. Book a call with an advisor to learn more.
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