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Business Valuation Calculator
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Use our business valuation calculator to determine a baseline value of your company as you bring it to market. It only takes a few minutes to complete.
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Important information: Please read carefully before using the business valuation calculator.

The Tresle Business Valuation Calculator (TBVC), while sophisticated and uses a standard method of producing an estimated business valuation, is not the only way to appraise a business. Tresle Inc. takes no responsibility for the accuracy of values you enter into the TBVC, nor for any misunderstanding you may have about the way TBVC determines an estimated business value, and therefore nor for the results generated by TBVC. Prior to setting a final asking price for your business for sale, you are advised to compare your results from the TBVC with results from alternative methods, such as comparison with similar businesses that have sold in your market or the professional opinion of an accountant or business advisor.

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