Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is a buyer account?
    A buyer account is for anyone interested in finding, buying, and running their own established business. A buyer could be a recent university graduate, a industry professional looking to branch off on their own, potential business partners, a strategic buyer, etc…
  • How much do buyer accounts cost?
    Buyer accounts are free to set up.
  • Are there fake seller accounts?
    Tresle prides itself on ensuring we provide a safe, trustworthy environment for everyone involved. The platform has email, text message, and credit card verification upon sign up. However, we still advise everyone to take adequate precautions when meeting people online.
  • Should I do my own research on the company I’m interested in?
    Yes. We encourage buyers to do their own due diligence on top of the information available on Tresle. For the purpose of supporting our users, we have a resource center where you can reach out to professionals on legal matters, accounting, advising, etc…
  • What if I need financing for my purchase?
    Tresle provides a unique experience for all users. For our buyer users, we connect them with businesses for sale as well as with investors looking to help finance these deals. Within the Tresle platform, buyers have access to capital through meeting advisors, lenders, and equity investors with the collective goal of closing deals.
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  • What is a seller account?

    A seller account is for anyone looking for an efficient and cost effective way to sell a private business. Tresle seller accounts have two overarching groups of users: business owners & business brokers.

    Business owners can list their business for sale, track their results, access professional assistance, engage in conversations, and save money on the sale of their business.

    Business brokers can use Tresle as a tool to convert more sales; Tresle allows brokers to build a buyer list, send and receive digital documents, engage in negotiations with buyers, and ultimately close more deals.

  • What are the advantages to listing businesses with Tresle?

    Tresle makes selling a business manageable. Sellers no longer need to be spammed by unwanted buyers nor pay high fees to sell a business. Selling with Tresle allows you to take control over confidentiality, whom you contact, forming deal terms, and ultimately the sale of the business.

    With a Tresle Seller account you can access tools to help you through the selling process. Our resource center lets you reach out to advisors, accountants, and lawyers that specialize in business transactions. Furthermore, our customizable digital documents allow you to send out and sign NDAs prior to releasing information on your business. They also allow you to receive and sign Letters of Intent that lay out the preliminary terms of the deal. And the best part is that you only pay when you sell!

  • How do I determine my company’s listing price?

    Determining a listing price can be tricky, because ultimately, the business is worth what the market will pay for it. The key, however, is figuring out an accurate range where both parties will be happy. To find this range, you can use our business valuation calculator or you can reach out to us and we will connect you with a trusted business intermediary professional*.

    *Additional costs apply.

  • How much do seller accounts cost?

    Seller accounts are free to set up. Tresle charges a success fee when a business is sold. In other words, when you get paid, we get paid.

    Self-listed business sellers pay a scaled success fee ranging from 1-5% after closing.

    Business brokers (license number required) are encouraged to contact us for pricing.

  • Where can I get help with selling my business?
    Unlike a lot of other services, Tresle aims to offer our users as much support as possible. Within the portal, users can access the resource center to contact lawyers, accountants, advisors, brokers, etc… with experience in business transactions. You can also call our support line at 1-888-567-9226 and our broker partners or staff can help you with any questions you may have.
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  • When will the investor portal be released?
    The investor portal is currently being developed and we plan to release it in beta form in Fall 2017.
  • How can I be notified when the investment portal is released?
    To be notified when the investment portal is launched, go to our pricing page, click ‘Get updates’, and enter your email address. We will reach out to you closer to the release date. If you have any specific questions regarding the investor portal please visit our contact page - we would love to hear from you!
  • What is an investor account?
    An investor account is for accredited investors interested in funding opportunities in established businesses. An investor can invest individually or collectively (syndicate) to finance deals.
  • How much does an investor account cost?
    Investor accounts are free to set up. Tresle charges a 3% carry only on positive investment returns. See ‘What is Carry?’ for more details.
  • What is an accredited investor?

    An accredited meets the requirements set by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) which allows them to invest in certain private securities opportunities.

    The SEC website contains a full explanation

    As an overview, being an accredited investor means you meet the following criteria:
    • Individuals with annual income over $200K (individually) or $300K (with spouse) over the last 2 years and an expectation of the same this year
    • Individuals with net assets over $1 million, excluding the primary residence (unless more is owed on the mortgage than the residence is worth)
    • An institution with over $5 million in assets, such as a fund or a trust
    • An entity in which all equity owners are accredited investors
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