Buyer FAQ

  • What is a buyer account?
    A buyer account is for anyone interested in finding, buying, and running their own established business. A buyer could be a recent university graduate, a industry professional looking to branch off on their own, potential business partners, a strategic buyer, etc…
  • How much do buyer accounts cost?
    Buyer accounts are free to set up.
  • Are there fake seller accounts?
    Tresle prides itself on ensuring we provide a safe, trustworthy environment for everyone involved. The platform has email, text message, and credit card verification upon sign up. However, we still advise everyone to take adequate precautions when meeting people online.
  • Should I do my own research on the company I’m interested in?
    Yes. We encourage buyers to do their own due diligence on top of the information available on Tresle. For the purpose of supporting our users, we have a resource center where you can reach out to professionals on legal matters, accounting, advising, etc…
  • What if I need financing for my purchase?
    Tresle provides a unique experience for all users. For our buyer users, we connect them with businesses for sale as well as with investors looking to help finance these deals. Within the Tresle platform, buyers have access to capital through meeting advisors, lenders, and equity investors with the collective goal of closing deals.
  • Is it legal to raise money on Tresle?

    Yes, raising money on Tresle is legal. It has the same implications as on a company as raising money offline. Many companies choose to raise capital online as it generally broadens their reach to investors.

    Note: Tresle is not a broker-dealer.

  • How do I know investors are verified?

    All investors on Tresle have stated and proved they are accredited. See ‘What is an accredited investor? under ‘Investors’ FAQ subsection for more details.

    When bringing in any type of partner, you should treat them as a complete stranger at first. Take proper precautions prior to disclosing sensitive information. Tresle account profiles provide information on the individuals but do not ensure they will act in good faith.

  • If I raise money from a syndicate, how many investors count towards my company’s cap table?
    Syndicate investments add two investors to your company’s cap table: the investment lead and the special-purpose vehicle (SPV) that collects the backer investors in the syndicate group. Each individual in the SPV are not listed in your cap table. For more information on syndicates, please visit ‘Syndicate’ specific FAQs on the menu bar to the left.
  • How do I update my buyer profile?
    To update your buyer profile:
    1. Log in to your account
    2. Click on your portrait in the top right corner and select ‘Edit Profile’
    3. Update your profile
    4. Click save

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