General FAQ

  • What is Tresle?
    Tresle is a marketplace that connects private business buyers, sellers, and investors. The platform, launched in 2017, is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tresle’s goal is to change the way people transition ownership within private, established businesses.
  • Who is Tresle for?

    Tresle is designed for three types of users: Buyers, Sellers, and Investors.

    For buyers, Tresle is a way to find and buy a business to run without starting from scratch.

    For sellers, Tresle is a cost-effective, more efficient way to market the sale of a business.

    For investors, Tresle is a new asset class where accredited investors can finance & invest individually or collectively in established businesses.

  • Where does Tresle operate?
    Tresle is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but operates nationwide. People from everywhere are welcome to sign up!
  • What types and sizes of businesses list on Tresle?

    We welcome businesses from all sectors to join the Tresle platform as long as they operate in good faith, do not contain explicit content or actions, and do not conduct illegal operations.

    As far as size, we welcome all sizes of private businesses from main street to millions in revenue.

  • How does Tresle work?

    Tresle is a matchmaking network designed to help private and established business transition ownership in a more cost effective and efficient way.

    Buyers and sellers create accounts that display their attributes about either themselves as professionals (buyers) or about their business for sale (sellers). From here, users are free to search and request matches with each other. Tresle works on a mutual match system; meaning, both parties need to agree to match with one another before they can start communicating (think dating sites). Once matched, buyers and sellers can begin secure, private communication about the transaction. When the time comes and both parties feel it is time to disclose more information, resources such as non-disclosure documents and letters of intent are available digitally through the portal. And, let’s face it, buying or selling a business can be a daunting task. So, Tresle provides a ‘Resource Center’ for users to contact industry professionals (Lawyers, Accountants, Advisors, etc…) for assistance.

    Once the deal is looking like it is ready to close and financing is required (most cases), both parties can apply for the deal to be listed in the investor portal. Here, the deal is posted to a pool of accredited investors looking to finance and invest in these opportunities. Investor users can invest individually or in a group. The people associated with the deal will, again, be able to securely and privately negotiate the terms of the deal upon matching with investors. From here, the deal will be closed and transitioned into an escrow service to finalize the transaction.

  • What is a match?
    A match occurs when both parties (buyer and seller) agree to begin a conversation. For buyers, they will be able to request a match based on interest. Meaning, when a buyer comes across a business they are interested in, they can request a match with the hope of learning more about it. For sellers, it is an additional blanket of screening. Sellers will have a chance to see who is interested in the business prior to beginning an engagement or sharing any further information.
  • What is the best way to get more matches?
    The best way to get matches is by providing valuable information on your profile. All users who see your profile will want to get a good understanding of what they are going to pursue or who they are dealing with. Filling in as many fields past the required ones in your profile setup can peek the interest of other users and can lead to more matches.
  • Can I withdraw a match request with a buyer/seller?
    Yes, but only prior to the match being complete (i.e. the other party accepting the match). To withdraw a match request, you need to visit the profile of the user you plan to withdraw from- you may use the search function on the portal homepage to locate their profile. From here, click on the profile and then select ‘Withdraw A Match’.
  • Is Tresle for foreign buyers and sellers?
    Currently, Tresle is targeting the US market. Meaning, businesses for sale on Tresle are in the US. With that being, Tresle does not limit itself to US-based buyers and investors.
  • Can I buy/sell/invest in businesses outside the US?

    All businesses on Tresle are based in the US. Therefore, users cannot buy, sell, and invest in foreign businesses.

    We plan to expand into more countries in the future.

  • Why established businesses?
    While the idea of startups is intriguing for many, there are a lot of risks associated with them. Established businesses on the other hand are revenue positive on day one and can be a lucrative opportunity for buyers, sellers, and investors alike. Learn more by visiting our blog
  • How is Tresle more efficient than the current process?
    Tresle is more efficient than the current deal sourcing & closing process in many ways:
    1. Searching - Users can leverage technology in the searching process. Set personal parameters and get notified of potential opportunities or use our intelligent searching function to find deals of interest.
    2. Matching - The platform is based on mutual matches. This function allows users to initially screen other users prior to beginning a conversation and releasing information.
    3. Paperwork - Users have access to Tresle’s document generating technology to safely create, edit, save, and electronically sign documents. This eliminates faxing, printing, scanning, and keeping track of paperwork.
    4. Savings - All user types will save money when comparing to traditional methods.
  • How do I delete my account?
    Should you ever decide to delete your Tresle account, you may do so by emailing If you terminate your account, any association between your account and any personally identifiable information we store will no longer be accessible through your account and will be permanently deleted.

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