General FAQ

  • What is Tresle?
    Tresle is a marketplace that connects people interested in buying, selling, and investing in private businesses. Tresle is a community; a place to get quality leads, perform due diligence, and access tools to help in the entire ownership transition process.
  • Who is Tresle for?

    Created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, Tresle is designed for people looking to buy, sell, or invest in private businesses.

    For buyers, Tresle is a way to find and buy a business to operate without starting from scratch.

    For sellers, Tresle is a cost-effective, more efficient way to market the sale of a business.

    For investors, Tresle is a new asset class where accredited individuals can finance & invest individually or collectively in private companies.

  • Where does Tresle operate?
    Tresle is based in Vancouver, Canada but operates in markets across the U.S.. Our platform’s reach, however, is global- people from everywhere are welcome to sign up!
  • What types and sizes of companies list their businesses on Tresle?

    We welcome businesses from all sectors to join the Tresle platform as long as they operate in good faith, do not contain explicit content or actions, and do not conduct illegal operations.

    As far as size, we welcome private businesses of all sizes- from main street to millions in revenue.

  • How does Tresle work?

    Tresle is a matchmaking platform designed to help private businesses transition ownership in a more cost-effective and efficient way.

    Whether your goal is to buy or sell, you can create an account in minutes. The platform operates on a mutual match system; meaning, both the person selling and the person interested in buying need to agree to match with one another before they can start communicating (think dating sites). Once a match has been made, the buyer and seller can begin a secure, private communication about the transaction. When both parties feel it is time to disclose more information, digital non-disclosure documents (NDA) and letters of intent (LOI) are available to be created, shared, and signed within the portal. And, let’s face it, buying or selling a business can be a daunting task. So, Tresle team members and broker-partners are available to help out anytime.

  • What is a match?

    A match occurs when a prospective buyer wants to inquire about a given business. They will ‘Request a Match’ by clicking the star icon on the business listing page. When a match request is sent from someone interested in buying, the person selling the business will receive a notification that a buyer is interested. The seller then has the choice to either accept or ignore the request. This gives sellers a chance to screen who is interested in the business prior to beginning an engagement or sharing any further information.

    If accepted, a ‘Match’ will be formed between the buyer and seller and they will be able to begin a secure, live conversation, utilize digital documents, and exchange further information. Only when a match has been accepted can a conversation take place.

  • What is the best way to get more matches?

    When buying, the best way to get sellers to accept your match requests is by completely filling out your profile. Things like uploading a profile picture and having up to date information can go a long way. Your profile is your first impression with sellers. Giving them relevant information about who they may be working on the given deal with is important and goes into their decision of whether to accept the request match or not.

    When selling, the best way to receive more match requests is by providing sound, relevant information on your business listing. Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking for a business- most people will want to get a good understanding of the business prior to pursuing it further. Filling in as many fields as possible when creating your listing can help pique the interest of prospective buyers, which can lead to more matches.

  • Can I cancel a match request?
    Yes, a user can withdraw their ‘Match Request’ by clicking ‘Cancel Request’. After cancelling a ‘request’ from a given business, the user will be banned from sending another ‘request’ to the same business for a period of 48 hours.
  • Is Tresle available outside the U.S.?
    Currently, all businesses for sale on Tresle are based in the U.S. With that being said, Tresle does not limit itself to US-based buyers and investors- our network of buy-side customers spans globally.
  • Why established businesses?
    While the idea of startups is intriguing to many, there are a lot of risks associated with them. Established businesses on the other hand, are revenue positive on day one and can be a lucrative transaction opportunity for people buying, selling and investing in them. Learn more by visiting our blog.
  • How is Tresle more efficient than the current process?
    Tresle is more efficient than the current deal sourcing & closing processes in many ways - here are a few:
    1. Searching- Users can leverage Tresle’s technology in the deal sourcing process by setting personal parameters to be notified of potential opportunities as they go to market; and by using our intelligent search function to find deals of interest.
    2. Matching- The platform operates on a mutual match system. This function allows the person selling the business to initially screen inquiries prior to beginning a conversation and releasing information.
    3. Paperwork- Users have access to Tresle’s document-generating technology to safely create, edit, save, and electronically sign documents. This eliminates faxing, printing, scanning, and keeps a chronological ‘papertrail’ of all deal-related agreements.
    4. Savings- All of the above functions result in our customers saving money and time compared to traditional (and outdated) deal-making methods.
  • Will my name or contact information be shown on the platform?
    Your confidentiality is important to us. Only your first name and last name initial will be available to the people you interact with. The email address or social account(s) as well as the mobile phone number you provide to Tresle are strictly used for verification purposes and to communicate with our customer support team.
  • How do I delete my account?
    To delete your account, contact us at and a dedicated account manager will handle everything for you.

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