Other FAQ

  • What do I need to create an account on Tresle?

    Tresle has different requirements for different user types. All accounts, however, need a valid email address or social account and a mobile phone number.

    For broker-seller accounts, a valid license number is required.

    For investors, proof of accreditation is required.

  • Who can view my profile?

    All users can see all 'for sale' business listings on the platform. Only when a match request is sent, will a seller be able to see the profile of the prospective buyer.

  • Will my profile/information appear in search engine results?

    No. Information posted within the Tresle portal is exclusive to Tresle customers. No information within the Tresle portal will appear in search engine results.

  • Who do I contact if my question(s) haven’t been answered?
    For any additional questions comments, or concerns, either submit a request for help through our contact form, email us at hello@tresle.com, or call us at

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