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How do I know if an email is really from Tresle?

In an increasingly digitized world, phishing and other online frauds are becoming more prevalent. Taking the necessary steps to verify the authenticity of an email or website can give you an added layer of security and protection from online scams. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure that an email is really from Tresle: 

1. Check the sender’s email address 
Examine and verify the sender’s email address carefully. Oftentimes, fraudulent emails will try to mimic the legitimate address with a few minor discrepancies. For example, Tresle’s official email address is “[email protected].” However, a fraudulent email might be from “[email protected].“ Additionally, if the email address uses an email service such as Google, Yahoo, or Hotmail instead of Tresle’s official domain name (, it is likely a fraudulent email. 

2. Don’t Click! Hover over the links.
Sometimes, a phishing email will include links. In this case, do not click on the link to view it. Instead, hover your mouse/cursor over the embedded link to see where it leads to. Check to see if the URL has a secure connection. You can do this by looking for “https://” at the beginning of the website address. Again, make sure there are no discrepancies as scammers will often mimic addresses by typing “http://” instead of “https://.” As a quick rule of thumb, If it does not look like an email that Tresle would send, do not open it. 

3. Cross-reference with official emails.
If you are uncertain about the email, cross-reference it with an official email from Tresle that you know is legitimate. Look up the Tresle website and visit the ‘contact us’ page to make sure the contact details match the ones listed in your email. 

4. Be careful about disclosing any personal information.
Usually, if an email sounds threatening or asks for personal information such as security numbers, bank account details etc, it is fraudulent. Tresle will never call or email you asking for payment details. Our payments are handled through our secure portal.

5. Contact us directly if you are unsure.
If there are any doubts about the email you have received and you are not able to verify if it is a scam, contact us and we can help!

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