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    Business Buying Process
  1. Closing a Deal
    How do buyers transfer funds to sellers during the purchase?
  2. Finding a Business for Sale
    Getting started buying a business Search and filter business on the Tresle Platform How do I get notified of new businesses for sale?
    Connecting With Sellers
  1. Matching With Sellers
    How does the match system work? How to request a match How to cancel a match request
  2. Messaging With Sellers
    How to reply to a message Conversation starters for business buyers What information should I share with sellers? How to initiate conversation with sellers?
    Digital Documents
  1. Letter of Intent (LOI)
    What is a letter of intent (LOI)? After sending a letter of intent (LOI) to a seller, do I have priority in buying the business? How do I create a letter of intent (LOI) on Tresle? How do I download a copy of the LOI?
  2. Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
    What is a non-disclosure agreement? How do I download a copy of the NDA?
  3. Tresle Digital Documents
    How is the paperwork completed online? Does signing documents online hold legal merit? How do I access the ready-made digital documents?
    Fees & Pricing
  1. Account Management
    Is there a fee to buy a business on Tresle?
  1. QuickBooks
    What is the QuickBooks badge? What are the benefits of using Quickbooks for buyers? Why do some listings have financial graphs?
    My Tresle Account
  1. Account Management
    How to create a Tresle account How to create a profile on Tresle How to link my Tresle account to my LinkedIn or Google accounts How to change or reset your password How do I login into my Tresle account? How do I change my email address on my account?
  2. Buyer Profile
    How to create a successful buyer profile How to create or edit your buyer profile
  3. Notifications
    How do I change my email preferences? How do I know if an email is really from Tresle? I am not receiving emails from Tresle, what should I do?
  1. Confidentiality
    Who can view my profile? Is my information safe on Tresle?
  2. Login Security
    What Is Two-Factor Authentication?
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