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Conversation starters for business buyers

Approaching a business owner for the first time can be daunting if you are not sure what to say or how to inquire about their business. Sometimes buyers expect that the seller will initiate the conversation. However, it is important to consider that sellers generally receive multiple requests and messages from buyers, so it is best to show initiative and take the first step. 

After all, if you are really interested in a business and want to show the seller you are to be taken seriously, then approaching them and beginning a conversation is a good starting point.

If you are not sure what to say when first approaching a business seller, don’t worry! Below we have some examples of conversation starters you can send business sellers.

1. Introduce yourself

Ex: “Hello! My name is [xxxx], and while browsing businesses I came across yours and it really got my attention. Can we chat more about this?”
Ex: “Hello! My name is [xxxxx] and I am interested in learning more about your business. I feel it fits my background and experience because: xxxxx” (List your experience and how it relates to the business at hand).

2. Ask about the business

Ex: “I'd love to learn more about the business. What are the day to day roles of the business owner? And what is your reason for selling?”
Ex: “ I'd love to learn more about your business. How was it started? Tell me about its growth potential.
Of course, feel free to add any questions you have about the specific business you are interested in.

3. Request an NDA

Ex: “ I am really interested in your business and would like to know more about it. Let’s sign an NDA so we can talk more about the details? You can send me a  template NDA here in the chat.”
Learn more about sending and receiving digital documents on Tresle.

4. Ask about financial information

Ex: “I am interested in your business. I’d like to know your desired outcome for the selling price and how you arrived at that price. 
Ex: “I am interested in your business. What assets are included in the selling price?”
Ex: “I am interested in your business. I’d like to know more about your business. Are you able to share financial information?”

We recommend signing an NDA before requesting financial information.

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