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Business listing guidelines

Tresle's business listing guidelines are as follows:

  1. Business must be incorporated or registered as an LLC (Tresle is unable to facilitate the sale of sole proprietorship businesses).
  2. DBA businesses are required to provide their primary company name followed by the DBA (both names remain private).
  3. Listing title and content must not contain the business’ or seller’s name.
  4. Listing must not contain the business’ website.
  5. No inappropriate or unprofessional content.
  6. Listing must not contain off-platform contact information (e.g., email, telephone number, address).
  7. No excessive use of attention-grabbing language or punctuation (i.e., ALL CAPS, ***, !!!!!, etc.).

All listings are approved at Tresle's discretion.

Check out our video below on how to create a successful listing!

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