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    Business Listing
  1. Completing a Listing
    Using photos in your listing Can I email my listing to Tresle? How to add a financial graph to my listing? How to add my financial information manually? How to write a good headline How to write an effective description of your business How to take great photos of your space on your phone Selecting and editing photos for your listing What if I don’t want to disclose the listing price for my business?
  2. Creating a Listing
    Business listing guidelines Determining your listing price Can I sell my sole proprietorship/DBA business on Tresle? How to create a business listing Getting started selling my business What is my legal company name? Why do I need to provide my company’s legal name? Will my legal name be disclosed? Which city should I enter if my business had multiple locations? What does each "company type" mean? What does “reasons for selling” mean? What does “key day-to-day activity” mean? What does “financial terms” mean? What does “features” mean? Do I need to fill out all the fields in the listing?
  3. Listing Approval Process
    Listing approval process Listing status definitions What happens if my listing isn’t approved? How to get in touch if I have questions about my listing’s approval process?
  4. Managing Your Listing
    How to update a listing How to make your listing stand out to prospective buyers What factors determine how my listing appears on the Tresle Platform?
    Connecting With Buyers
  1. Messaging With Buyers
    How to reply to a message What information should I share with interested buyers? What are common questions from buyers? How to initiate conversation with buyers?
  2. Receiving Buyer Inquiries
    How does the match system work? How to accept or decline a match request What should I do after accepting a match?
    Digital Documents
  1. Letter of Intent (LOI)
    What is a letter of intent (LOI)? After receiving a letter of intent (LOI) as a seller, can I keep negotiating with other buyers? How do I download a copy of the LOI?
  2. Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
    What is a non-disclosure agreement? How do I download a copy of the NDA? How do I create an NDA on Tresle?
  3. Tresle Digital Documents
    How is the paperwork completed online? Does signing documents online hold legal merit? How do I access the ready-made digital documents?
    Fees & Pricing
  1. Payment & Billing
    How do I edit my billing information? When will I be billed? Who do I contact if I have more questions on billing? What are the payment methods accepted? Will I be charged a success fee by selling my business on Tresle? How do I access my receipts?
  2. Refund Policy
    Refund policy How to request a refund?
  3. Subscription Plan
    Is there a fee to sell a business on Tresle? What are the subscription plans available? Can I change subscription plans?
  1. QuickBooks
    Can I use Quickbooks Integration if I don’t have a Quickbooks account? What is the QuickBooks badge? When I upload my information from Quickbooks, is it safe? How to connect my listing to QuickBooks How to disconnect my Tresle-Quickbooks integration? What are the benefits of using Quickbooks integration for sellers? How can I update/edit my Quickbooks values on Tresle? What information is retrieved from my Quickbooks account? Where is my Quickbooks information stored? How to switch from Quickbook entry to manual entry? How to switch from manual entry to Quickbooks integration?
    My Tresle Account
  1. Account Management
    How to create a Tresle account How to create a profile on Tresle How to link my Tresle account to my LinkedIn or Google accounts How to change or reset your password How do I login into my Tresle account? How do I change my email address on my account?
  2. Notifications
    How do I change my email preferences? How do I know if an email is really from Tresle? I am not receiving emails from Tresle, what should I do?
  1. Confidentiality
    Who can view my profile? Is my information safe on Tresle? Will my listing appear in search engine results such as Google? Is my credit card information safe? Will my financial information remain confidential?
  2. Login Security
    What Is Two-Factor Authentication?
    Tresle Plus
  1. Tresle Plus
    What is Tresle Plus? Tresle Plus requirements How do I apply for Tresle Plus? Why should I agree to list my business with Tresle Plus? The difference between Tresle Marketplace and Tresle Plus Can I create a listing on Tresle Platform after I applied for Tresle Plus?
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