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Getting started selling my business

Thank you for choosing Tresle! You just joined thousands of people who use our innovative marketplace to easily buy and sell private businesses in various markets across the country. We are excited to have you here!

We have listed below some contents to help you get started selling your business on Tresle!

1. How do I Create A Listing?
The first step is to get your business listing live and in front of our network of buyers. HERE we have a quick step by step on how to create a listing. If you feel like you need a more detailed help, we have a video on how create a listing:

2. Set Goals When Selling
It’s no easy feat to put your business on the market, receive interest from buyers, and transition ownership. Create clear goals to keep you on track throughout the process. HERE we go over in more detail how to create your goals!

3. Avoidable Selling Mistakes
It is always good to know some of the most common pitfalls sellers face. HERE we have the 4 important mistakes you should avoid.

4. Other Resources
We are always creating new content to help sellers navigate the sale of their business. You can find our most frequently asked questions HERE. And learn more about selling a business in our BLOG!

5. We’re Here to Help
Tresle staff members are here to help along every step of the deal process. With online chat, phone support, and email you can easily contact us. And follow us on our social media channels to always be up-to-date with our latest content!


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Learn more how Tresle provides a simple & cost-effective solution for owners to list their business for sale.
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