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What does “features” mean?

When creating your listing, there are five features that you add that help describe your business. 

1. Relocatable: Can the company be easily moved to a new location?
Being relocatable refers to your company’s ability to be easily moved to a different location without having profound effects on its operations and revenue. Generally, a company that has minimum dependence on its physical infrastructure such as inventions, equipment etc, a strong virtual presence, and portable operations is deemed to be relocated.

2. Real Estate Included: Will any owned real estate properties be included in the sale?
If your business has real estate included, it means that there is physical property or tangible assets that are sold alongside the business. To purchase the business, the buyer would have to purchase ownership over the land, or building–in some cases, both.  

3. Franchise: Does the company operate under a franchising license? 
A franchising license allows the business to run its operations under the brand name of the franchisor. They can use the franchisor’s trademarks, logos, business model, operation systems, training methods and established brand identity. 

4. Support & Training Offered: Will the seller stay to support the new owner in the transition? 
As the question suggests, if a business says “Support & Training Offered,” it means that the seller is willing to help the buyer transition into their role once they purchase the business. Generally speaking, this is done to ensure a smooth transition of ownership and ensure that the business continues to grow successfully under the new owner. 

5. Seller Financing Available: Is the current owner open to providing seller financing? 
This refers to the seller’s willingness to help the buyer purchase their business by providing financial assistance. The seller can provide financing through loans, down payments, collateral, and negotiation. 

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