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How to initiate conversation with buyers?

Communication on Tresle Marketplace is done through the chat feature within the platform. Like any conversation, start with a simple and friendly introduction. Begin your conversation with a warm greeting and introduce your business and yourself as the seller. To introduce your business, you can highlight some of the company’s key features and benefits that the buyer could benefit from upon purchasing. 

You can offer to provide additional information, however, it is important to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Before advancing into more detailed discussions, be sure to initiate a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). Once both parties have signed the agreement, share more details about your business such as financial statements, details surrounding its operations, and other relevant documents. 

Encourage the buyer to ask any questions if they have concerns and how they wish to gain a deeper understanding of your business. If the buyer asks for more questions or details, follow up efficiently and diligently to both establish trust and to ensure they get the information they need to assess the opportunity. Always maintain a positive and professional attitude throughout the process.

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