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How is the paperwork completed online?

Once a match has been made, users have the option to create, edit, and sign ready-made and customizable non-disclosure agreements and letters of intent digitally.

Depending on the document type, a given user can customize the digital document to fit their situation. Meaning, a user can make original edits and tailor the document to their terms prior to sending it to the other party.

Once sent, the receiver will be notified and has the opportunity to review it. If the receiver doesn’t agree with the terms, they can request the sender makes the appropriate adjustments. This is a process of negotiation, so there may be several drafts.

Once the receiver agrees with the terms, however, the document can be signed digitally. Once the receiver signs it, all previously editable sections lock-in and the sender is notified of the other party’s signing. The sender can now sign it and the document is saved and posted to the match’s conversation and a PDF becomes available to be downloaded and printed if desired.



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